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So you wanna know why the image on every page hey? Pictures from our humble beginnings 

So you wanna know what is the anticipation effect hey? When you wait for something for a week or two, anticipating grows stronger and when you finally receive your item, you are even more excited about it.

So you wanna know how long does it take to receive the items hey? It takes approximately 8 to 11 business days to receive your items. International shipping can take 12 to 18 business days approximately. Anticipation effect has its limits. Each purchase is made to order, please allow 5 to 7 business days to process your order. In other words, we will need the time to cut the fabric and sew every stitch according to your size and colour. Please bear in mind that processing and especially shipping may take much longer that usual during the Coronavirus.

So you wanna know if we offer a warranty hey?Indeed we do. We offer a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee when you receive the item. If you are not satisfied with the item, return the item and we will refund the purchase price and standard return shipping.

So you wanna know if the crotch zipper leggings have a protective flap hey? The crotch zipper leggings does not have a protective inside flap or overlap. A trick when you zip up or down, slightly pull the zipper outward.

So you wanna know why do we see a model for one item and a mannequin for another item hey? Because sometimes we ask a model to show our items and other times, we use our mannequin to show another item. 

So you wanna know what influences our designs hey? We love the 60s, 70s and 80s fashion to the modern fabric such as Polyamide or Supplex of today. Our specialty is crotch zipper handmade leggings. We can make several unique designs such as sky blue vegan leather leggings with royal blue head to head crotch zipper. The fasteners can have a heart shaped black padlock attached.  

So you wanna know why our crotch zipper leggings are more expensive than a similar item on our  site hey? The similar item are massed produced, fabric and zipper not equal quality. Our crotch zipper leggings are handmade, superior fabric and head to head #10 zipper. 

So you wanna know why are leggings so popular hey? In the 80s, jeans dominated. Today, leggings dominate by far. Women have become more active and they want to look fabulous at work, at the gym, at the grocery store, at the dentist office to name a few. Leggings are very convenient. You can roll them up in your handbag.

So you wanna know where we are hiding hey? We are located above the 49th parallel, the northern hemisphere, eastern time, near Montreal, Canada. That’s why we talk that way hey and don’t you forget it.

So you wanna know why you should trust us hey? Our reputation is immensely important. Our active McAfee trust seal and shopper identity protection shows our commitment.