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Pad Leggings

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Do you go commando with your leggings, no panties? If so, watch out girls. You gotta protect ourselves. Vagina and synthetic fabric does not mix well. We created the padded leggings, so that you can wear your leggings naked but still feel safe.

A pure cotton fabric pad inside the bottom of the black leggings brings an extra layer of protection. Many wear their leggings no panties but many women know that sooner or later we drip a small amount of body fluids that smells and stains over time. The, as thin as a coin discreet, 100% cotton pad is attached to a Velcro on the crotch of the leggings and can be detached for cleaning. 

The leggings are black Supplex 86% Nylon 14% Spandex. 260mg/meter

You can soak the cotton washable pad separately in a bucket of diluted Chlorine.

The leggings can be gently washed and flat dry.

Three pads included 

Please note that the pad does not replace a sanitary pad during menstruations.